Friday, April 24, 2009

The Ten Step Installation

Step 1 - Pick up multi-ton crate with giant forklift (8' forks + counterweight)

Step 2 - Drive the crate from the back of the Garden to the front. In the process, navigate through the construction site, past a crane removing a tree, past a concrete truck and "pumper truck" pumping concrete up into the woodlands for the new sidewalks, through inbound/outbound visitor traffic, and finally through the parking lot filled with cars. Note: this takes FOREVER with a forklift and crate the size of a small house!

Step 3 - Flip the crate 1/4 turn to upright it.

Sept 4 - Unbolt the crate. Since these crates travel so frequently and are so very expensive to build, they are bolted together rather than screwed together. Very durable, but it takes some time to undo all the bolts. (This is the part where my brand new Makita drill bit it. The 12' drop from the top of the crate was apparently too much for it. Go figure.)

Step 4 - Remove the artwork from the crate.

Step 5 - Attempt to carry the artwork along the greenhouse. DRAT! The crane is too small to drive through the mud, compliments of mother nature.

Step 6 - Transfer artwork to larger crane.

Step 7 - Carry artwork to the bog.

Step 8 - Transfer artwork back to smaller crane, which fits onto the sidewalk.

Step 9 - Well, it fits but it's tight. The wheel base is 6' 6" and the walkway is 7'. Pluck smaller crane out of bog with larger crane.

Step 10 - Carry the artwork forward ten paces, set it down, reposition the crane, lift and set it down again, maneauver it to the pedestal and...VOILA!

This installation took six and a half hours. A new record for us, and for the Henry Moore Foundation. And boy, was it ever worth it... I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'm leaving out the final installation shot.

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